About Shannon Mulligan

I am a Photographer

{#/pub/images/20150325185333_SBP_5606aboutme2.jpg}I LOVE creating memories.

I have always had a passion for photography. I can remember back to grade school when I took my first class trip. I had a film camera in hand and snapped the shutter non-stop. I would rush home, and drop off the film to be developed. Once developed, I'd "ohhh and ahhh" at all the memories I had captured. To this day, I have albums upon albums of my childhood through college years documented.

I want you to feel that same exact way when your beautiful photos are arranged in a unique wall gallery fit for your home. I want them to be a daily reminder of that exact time in your lives, because you will never get back that same exact day or those same exact emotions.

My style of photography is colorful, mindful and creative!

My job is to capture you doing the things you love; strolling through a park, tending your garden, or hanging out in a hip area of town. I want our session to be laid-back and fun. I want genuine smiles and giggles from the little ones, and sincere love and compassion from the older ones!

I started Shannon Mulligan Photography in 2013 and have never looked back. I am amazed at the relationships I have made and the friends I'll have for life. I have learned and grown so much since opening the doors to SMP. There is nothing more I rather be doing than capturing memories and allowing you to look back on them all in years to come. 

And if you wanted to know just a few more things about me (non-photo related!), here you go:


 I am married to the most hard working, amazing husband ever, Matt.

I love to read

Our vegetable and herb garden is our sanctuary

My favorite color is orange

I much rather wear sneakers than heels 


Any other questions... shoot me an email


*photo snapped by Shannon Bryant Photography*