Friendship Senior Sessions - Whippany NJ

Friendship Senior Sessions - Whippany NJ

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in Senior Session on November 06, 2015

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Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life!

I love that quote and I love the friendship Taylor and Grace have. It reminds me of many of my girlfriends I had in high school that I am still very close with. It's amazing how after so many years, you can still have the same best friend as you did 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years ago. There is nothing better than a girl friend!

I'm so happy we got to snap some pictures of Taylor and Grace together. These photos will travel with them to their first freshman dorm room and will be a part of their wedding slide shows. Creating memories with some of your best of friends is something I love to capture.

Senior Sessions can be done as an individual session, or can be done as a group session. That is what makes these sessions so unique. Each one will have different scenes and wardrobes, but in the end, they are all showing your personality and who you are, at this time in your life. So be sure to contact me to set up your Senior Session, whether it's you alone, or you with some of your friends! 


Friendship Senior Session - Whippany, NJ - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Friendship Senior Session - Whippany, NJ - Shannon Mulligan Photography

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