Getting to Know Me....and My Moments

Getting to Know Me....and My Moments

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in Get to know me... on March 03, 2016

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Let's pretend we've never met. For some of you reading this, it may be the case, for others, you might know more about me then I know about myself. As a photographer, I am always behind the camera, creating images I see through my eyes. But what if the roles were reversed. What if you were the one with the camera, documenting me and my life. What would you see? How much could you tell through a few images? Could you create a whole story within a few hours? I want to help tell that story for you. I want you to get to know me, not just as your documenting photographer but as a person who has a life outside of capturing images for so many, a person you may love to work with and start a friendship with, a person who is probably a lot like you!

So as many wedding speeches start..."For those of you who don't know me"... my name is Shannon and I am a lifestyle family photographer located in Northern New Jersey. I was born and raised in the city of Clifton, just 12 miles west of NYC. Growing up in a city, there was always something going on. I was involved in softball from the wee age of 4 until my senior year of high school. I also was involved with soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, the Key Club, the Ski Club (even though I've never skied a day in my life...thank goodness for snowboards!). I played the clarinet for 5 years and was in the middle school choir. I danced for about 3 weeks and quit knowing it was not for me. Does this sound familiar? Do you have kids involved in all sorts of activities?

I was also a safety patrol in the 5th grade which brings me to my first very vivid memory of taking photos. I remember my mom packed up my bag for my first trip away from home and made sure I had a few disposable cameras in my bag. I think it was this first trip to our countries capital to which my love for photography started. At that age, I was snapping images of everything, hoping that when I developed the film, the images would not be blurry or overexposed. And to my surprise, a majority of them turned out pretty good! Why am I sharing this all with you? Because I want you to know how I came to love photography!

Over the years, I never left home without a camera. I would be developing film quite a few times a week at the local pharmacy to see what I had captured. I think I got my first digital camera in college and my first DSLR camera about 7 or so years ago. My love for photography has changed over the years, from capturing a trip in the 5th grade with friends, to middle school dances and events. Moving onto high school sporting events, parties and trips down to the Jersey Shore with my best girlfriends. Once I was in college, I started traveling a bit more and started documenting my trips I'd take. All of these images bring back memories from a point in my life.

Once I started SMP, I was shooting newborns, child, and families, but in a very staged way. I want to go back to my roots and capture moments for families, not just posed images. All my images from long ago did not have perfect lighting, or everyone smiling at the camera, but those are the images I cherish the most. Those are the ones that make me smile, and evoke feelings. I have boxes upon boxes upon albums of images that were captured as me as a child (who said the second child didn't get their picture taken!) 


New Jersey Documentary Lifestyle Photographer - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Flipping through these images is one of my favorite things to do. I am an old soul....I think I always have been (and have the grey hair to prove it hahah). I love heirloom pieces. I love antiques. I don't like shiny new things! I want something that tells a story, and has a history. And these are the types of images I want to create for you and your family. Anyone can pose a family on a beach, all wearing matching outfits. Everyone cannot capture the feeling of joy, sadness, or real life told through a series of images that make up a story.

With that being said, this year, I'd love to move more into documentary type photography. I feel after 3+ years in business, I am finally finding my niche (goodness my hubby really DISLIKES that word) . And as I move into this new chapter of my photography journey, I want you all to know more about me. I want to share more stories with you and create more moments for you.

Will you let me document your story?

I hope you all enjoyed this little piece of me. I plan on sharing more and being more open with all of you as you are with me. It's not easy allowing someone into your home/life so I think it's only fair you get to see this side of me too, as if you were looking through the camera.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of memory making. Until next time.


Oh and just a few more of me as a little gal! 

New Jersey Documentary Lifestyle Photographer - Shannon Mulligan Photography

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Elizabeth Vega posted on: May 14, 2016

Hello Shannon,
I've been following you on Instagram and I love your work. I just recently started my photography business and I'm falling more and more in love with it. I've been taking some classes here and there to learn more about my camera. I would love to possibly meet up so that we can talk about techniques, lighting, etc. I'm trying to focus on newborn, maternity, family, and children. Eventually I would love to get into wedding photography but not until I feel 110% comfortable. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

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