Harper Lily - Newborn Photography - Ledgewood, NJ

Harper Lily - Newborn Photography - Ledgewood, NJ

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in Newborn Photography on April 17, 2015

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Harper Lily....8 days new...and a perfect little newbie. I had so much fun capturing this little girls first few days of life in the comfort of her own nursery, which was adorably decorated in Winnie the Pooh and Friends decor. Harper was welcomed into the world by her Mom and Dad, along with the family dog, cat, and turtle! 


Newborn Girl - Basket with Headband - Shannon Mulligan Photography


I absolutely love that Mom contacted me to set up a session way back in November of 2014, so we had plenty of time to bounce ideas off of one another, and share our visions of the newborn session. I've know Mom and Dad for many years. I went to middle school with Mom and then met Dad once we got to High School. I love being able to capture a new life for friends I've known for over 18+ years (yikes...that makes us old huh?! HAHA) 


Newborn Girl with Mom - Lifestyle Photography - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Yawning Newborn Girl - Daddy's Arms - Lifestyle Photography - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Outdoor Family Photo with Newborn Girl - Lifestyle Photography - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Harper was such a good baby! She was a little awake at the beginning of the session, but once she fell asleep, she was good to go. This little stinker loved to have her hands near her face though....and boy oh boy was she strong when I tried to move them away! She was not having it, even when she was in a deep sleep! I love some of the more natural shots I got, like her belly button and tiny eye lashes. These are details that Mom and Dad will want to remember forever! 


Newborn - Belly Button - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Newborn Girl - Eyelashes - Shannon Mulligan Photography


What an awesome session! I can't wait to see the family again when Harper is a little older...I know she is going to be such a little beauty! Congrats again to Krystal and Kevin! <3 


Sleeping Newborn Posing - Shannon Mulligan Photography

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