Hudson Valley New York Adventures - Chapter One

Hudson Valley New York Adventures - Chapter One

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in on September 15, 2016

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No one likes working on the weekends right? No - but when you are a photographer, that is when you work, especially when working with families, so you get used to it real quick. When I started Shannon Mulligan Photography back in January 2013, photography became my job, and I was sooo excited about starting my own company.

 I got to meet amazing families, shoot at all different locations, and freeze a moment in time so they could look back and remember those special moments. But what about my memories - my moments - my locations I was visiting? Once I started shooting professionally, the camera stayed at home, to only come out at a session I was shooting for another family. Who likes to bring their work everywhere they go? Who wants to edit additional images  when they are already swamped with other images? This was how I thought for 3 years.

That was until I met Kirsten Lewis and fell in love with the idea of documentary type photography, capturing the everyday life. No posing, no props, just real life. And not only do I do this for all the amazing families I work with now, but I want to do this for myself. It was time to get the camera out of the bag, and shoot for ME. As many of my friends will tell you, I never left home without a camera but for some reason, I stopped shooting for me, and I missed out on 3 years of documenting my everyday life.

So I owe it to myself to start this personal project. I am going to shoot for me, for my husband, for my nieces and nephews who could look back on these images in years to come when we are cleaning out the attic. I want to document my life. It may not be super exciting to everyone, but to me, it's my life and it's worth remembering. So it's time to get the images captured, off the computer, printed and into albums so in 30 years, I can look back and reminisce. So I welcome you along, on this new journey I am creating. 

Chapter One

Hudson River Valley - New York - September 3, 2016 -

First Stop - Blooming Hill Farm - Blooming Grove, NY

Matt and I arrived a bit early, so we walked around the farm, taking in all the beautiful scenery. We have known about Blooming Hill Farm for some time now, as we have purchased their beautiful bounty at the Ramsey Farmer's Market but we never knew they were only 45 min. north of us. What a treat it was to wonder around the farm. We ordered a wonderful breakfast, and sat outside and enjoyed it with a hot cup of homemade coffee. The rooster was crowing in the field and it was the perfect way to kick off our day of adventures. We chatted over breakfast about how one day, we'd love to own something just like this. It was simply wonderful!

(And if you are not familiar with Matt and I's adventures, we do it right. We set out for a full day, traveling around an area, finding all the interesting places the surrounding towns have to offer)

Enjoy the images I captured from our morning at Blooming Hill Farm and come back next week to check out Chapter 2 - Street Photography and Breweries.


Hudson River Valley - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Blooming Hill Farm - New York - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Blooming Hill Farm - New York - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Rocking Chair on Porch - Blooming Hill Farm - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Red Wagons under Hops - Blooming Hill Farm - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Wire Baskets - Blooming Hill Farm - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Fresh Flowers Eggs and Honey - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Root Vegetables and Goldenrod - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Apples - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Outdoor Hanging Lights - Shannon Mulligan Photography


White Coffee Mugs - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Blooming Hill Farm Menu - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Terracotta Pots - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Breakfast at Blooming Hill Farm - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Matt Mayernik - Shannon Mulligan Photography

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