Sweet Strawberry Sunday - Northern, New Jersey

Sweet Strawberry Sunday - Northern, New Jersey

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in Food Photography on June 14, 2013

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Last weekend; Matt and I headed out to Alstede Farms in Chester, New Jersey for a day of strawberry picking. We thought we’d get out there nice and early but to our surprise the place was packed; it was the first weekend of the Strawberry Festival. For the amount of strawberries we planned on getting; we knew standing in line for an hour and then picking for another hour or two was not going to work.

So we headed into the farm store to purchase already picked strawberries. We wanted more than what was out on the farm stand; so we asked if they had more. And to our surprise; the man behind the counter offered us; just picked; fresh; strawberries coming right off the truck from the fields behind. Matt and I felt like we’d won the lottery. We purchased sixteen quarts of strawberries that equaled about fifteen pounds. Now we had to get them home and prepare them for the freezer.

Once home; I set up a nice assembly line; per say; to cut up fifteen pounds of strawberries. We wanted to freeze almost all of them so we’d have them come the fall/winter months when strawberries were no longer in season. I honestly can’t wait to make pies, ice cream, cupcakes, smoothies, vinaigrettes and of course; strawberry margaritas!

If you’ve never visited Alstede Farms, I highly suggest you make it out there soon. This weekend, June 15 & 16, they are hosting another Strawberry Festival. They have a large variety of Pick-Your-Own so check them out and support your local farm. I know I am looking forward to peach/blackberry season in just a few weeks!

And now; I introduce to you; the topic of this conversation; sweet, ripe, fresh, local, organic STRAWBERRIES! 


Alstede Farms - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Fresh Picked Strawberries - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Strawberries - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Strawberries - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Strawberries - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Strawberries - Shannon Mulligan Photography


Strawberry Prep - Shannon Mulligan Photography



And yes-we save all the strawberry tops and freeze them also. You can throw them into juices or smoothies-We don't waste any part of the strawberry! 


Strawberry Tops - Shannon Mulligan Photography


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