Wineries/Vineyards in Northern CA Part I – Northern California

Wineries/Vineyards in Northern CA Part I – Northern California

By Shannon Mulligan
Posted in Travels and Adventures on February 19, 2013

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Well as many of you know, my husband Matt and I are huge wine drinkers. We love to swirl, smell and sip many different varietals . This past December, we made our third trip out to Northern California's Wine Country. We absolutely love it out there. There is nothing better than sitting back with a 2009 Reserve Zinfandel, next to the one you love, overlooking acres and acres of vineyards. We spent six days exploring wineries/vineyards in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley, and the Dry Creek Valley. And of course; what better way to practice your photography than with picturesque landscapes everywhere you look. On this trip alone, I took over 1800 pictures (thank goodness for Digital Photography). I hope you like part 1 of the tour I am about to take you on through Northern California's Wine Country.


Our first stop of our trip is always at Domaine Chardon. This was our third time visiting the Champagne Winery and it won’t be our last time. It’s a fun, exciting place to start off our trip.

Domaine Chardon

We stopped at Clos Du Val Winery on our first day in Napa. We showed up about an hour before closing so the sun was just starting to dip below the horizon. They offered us to do our tasting outside so we could sit and look out over the vineyards. What a great way to end our first day in Wine County.  

Clos Du Val

On Sunday afternoon, we stopped at VML Winery and were welcomed with a BBQ and acoustic music- My perfect Sunday Funday! (btw I love the art work on the bottles)

VML Winery

There was no way we could pass up Bella Winery. My niece/God Daughter’s name is Bella so I thought it would be great idea if we got a bottle and let it rest until her 21st birthday (she just turned 5 HAHA)

Bella Vineyards

One of our favorite spots in the Dry Creek is Preston Vineyards . They have great wine and make homemade fresh wheat bread on site. They also have a very large garden you can tour (which is, as you will find out, a huge part of our lifestyle).  We will return to Preston Vineyards next time we are out on the west coast.  

Preston Vineyards

A bio dynamic farm and winery, Quivira Winery was such a treat. We learned so much about biodynamic farming-and let me tell you, their wine was great. We were so excited when we found some of their wine at our local Whole Foods!  

 Quivira Winery

Such a small beautiful boutique of a winery, Robert Young Estate Winery welcomed us with open arms. We chatted for over 45 min with a winery employee about the history of the Robert Young Estate.

Robert Young Estate Winery

What a fun, relaxing, laid back kind of tasting room. Longboard Vineyards was right out of Southern CA. They played surfling videos in their tasting room while we sipped wine listening to Jack Johnson.

Longboard Vineyards

Well, well, well….talk about BEAUTIFUL. Ledson Winery  is amazing. The architechure of this building is like no other. This was our second time there and believe me, we will return. We had an absolutely stunning day to admire this winery.

Ledson Winery

Selby Winery was our last stop of our trip. And lucky us, while we were there, the owner/wine maker showed up to drop off some new art work. Susie Selby was very friendly and even agreed to take a picture with Matt and I. Nothing like meeting the woman who made the wine you’re sipping! 

Selby Winery

Susie Selby


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